CAD Latasped warehouse is HACCP certified. This means that any handling of chemical products for food and nutritional industry is certified as secure and it fulfill Italian and European laws. For CAD Latasped’s customers this means relevant time and cost savings.



CAD Latasped is AEOF Certified. This means it is an Authorised Economic Operator, which is subject to less frequent customs controls, it benefits of shipment proprity treatment, it has a privileged relationship with cusoms authorities through the Customs Client Coordinator. Therefore CAD Latasped can guarantee its clients faster shipments and immediacy in solving problems.



In August 2016, CAD Latasped obtained the UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015 certification, which builds a company’s quality system around the customers’ needs. Through a careful analysis and monitoring of all activities and departments of the company, the Certification Body has found in CAD Latasped a system aimed at the highest customer satisfaction, thus guaranteeing quality in contract management at all stages of application. CAD Latasped can therefore offer qualified services to all customers, specially to those who are required to use only ISO 9001 certified suppliers.